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  1. Just wanted to compliment you on setting up a wonderful cottage at Springbrook. We particularly appreciated the thought you had put into providing those little extras – like the hiking poles, thermos and picnic pack. There was all we needed and more. We felt more like guests staying at a friend’s house than renting a holiday house. The location is great – we did lots of walks including the Warrie track.

    We hope to come again some time in the future.

  2. Guestbook Oct 2011 – “It was all the perfect location for everything. We spent a lot of time walking and we also enjoyed the birds. We really appreciate the house. Thanks Again.”

  3. Guestbook April 2011 – “What a beautiful cottage! What a relaxing stay …..” – Ollie & Lyc

  4. Guestbook May 2011 – “We’ve just spent a wonderful long weekend here at dragonfly cottage, celebrating our 39th Wedding Anniversary. One of our main aims was to walk the Warrie Circuit, which we achieved and throughly enjoyed (we used the walking poles, thanks) The cottage is very well appointed, and a lot of thought has gone into making it cosy and comfortable. The Weather has been amazing also, as the forecast wasn’t the best. it has been a very special weekend!” – Joe & Sue Towoomba

  5. Guestbook July 2011 – “Clean. tasteful decor, comfortable, relaxing, Thank you . – Tess, Wic & Ruth

  6. Guestbook August 2011 – “This was such a lovely weekend, Rained alot ohn the first day but was still very enjoyable, the cottage was so well done, was so much to entertain us. Second day was beautiful and sky was clear, the National Park was breathtaking, and was a delightful walk under the waterfall. We both thooroughly enjoyed our time here and would love another visit. Compliments to Helen for arranging to meet us. Many Thanks. P.S. can’t believe the level of thought and detail put into the cottage, everthing catered for… Thanks – Christen & Sarah, Ireland & Wales.

  7. Guestbook September 2011 – “What a wonderful way to spend the weekend! Nothing but delight and comfort with everything at our fingertips. Very fairly priced accomodation in such a unique setting! Thanks a bunch. PS for future residents keep your eyes peeled for Possums, Antichinus, Long nosed bandicoot, pademelon & joey, King Parrots, Kookaburras, Diamond python, satin bower bird!”- Marie, Aimee, Rhani & Amborissa

  8. Guestbook October 2011 – ” We had such a lovely stay at the cottage. It has such beautiful views and the walking track we went on was truly memorable.. It was such a delight to find that we were well catered for with everything that we needed. It’s good to know that they supply everthing for you here.Going on the walk was a great experence. I loved the fact that it takes you right under the water fall – an experience that we wont forget. It was such a nice and peaceful walk and I wish that we would have had time to explore more of the sites around the area. It was such a unique setting that we will remember next time we come this way,
    Thank you for the memorable experience. – Claire & Joel, Ballarat, Victoria.

  9. Guestbook November 2011 – “Idyllic spot- wish it was closer to home! Time went too quickly. Thanks – we had everything we needed. – Carol, Lindsay, Nita & Terry.

  10. Guestbook december 2011 – ” Felt so comfortable and at home, so relaxing, lovely outlook, looking forward to comming back in the future. – Cathy & Paul

  11. Guestbook December 2011 – ” We have really enjoyed our short break away, it is a terrific location, just magical. We understad why it’s called Dragonfly Cottage – there are hundreds of them! We were lucky enough to catch one and we had a great time looking at it. The birds were spectacular also! Thankyou! – Donna, Martha-Jane & Candice.

  12. Guestbook December 2011 – ” Dear Helen, I had 3 bowls of your homemade muesli, before I realised it was parrot seed!!! Amongst the visiting parrots was an all blonde parrot who I spoilt and named ‘Parrot Hilton’. A well thought out cottage with nice little touches meant to make guests feel welcome, the best beverage tray I have come accross that would put large hotels to shame. We had a carpet snake ‘Boris’ sunning itself in the tree next to the BBQ all day which was exciting but nice! “Boris from the forrest” We loved the 20 seasons in one day, I hope Springbrook remains a well kept secret and never catches up with the rat race. As General Douglas Mc Carthur said, I shall return”.
    – Johnny & Julie

  13. Guestbook December 2011 – “Thanks for letting us stay at your beautiful cottage. After originally calling Helen about another cottage on the net, I am so glad she directed us to this gem. So clean and so well catered for!!! Great getting up in the morning to a hot choc with the kids. We all absolutely loved watching the birds feed on the seed. The king parrots, lorikeets and rosellas were beautiful but the plump wonga pigeon stole their hearts. The walks were terrific! Great to get the kids out and about in the fresh air. Lovely swimming at Warringa pool and at twin falls pools. Checking out the look outs on the rainy day was a nice way to pass the time, although ‘Best of All’ was just clouds. Hope the kids get a clear view on the way home as Shane and I really want them to experience the wonder for themselves.At nights around 9.30 our friendly possum would eat fruit, he loves banana and can be hand fed with care. We have really enjoyed our time here.(even extending for an extra night) Thankyou for thinking of everything for everyone.” Shane, Karen, Luke, Riley & Emily.

    ***The children also left some lovely drawings and comments in our guest book that we really enjoyed, thank you so much.(Wendy & Peter)

  14. Guestbook January 2012 – ” My family had a beautiful short break here for 2 nights. We were so at home here! I’m sure we all felt like staying longer, but even 2 nightsis so relaxing! The cottage is a real credit to you, clean and so well stocked with everything required for a restful stay. Beds and bedding is so comfy and love the gas heater for the deck too! Also great is the impressive selection of games and dvds! Helen was very courteous and made sure arrival was smooth and hassel free. Much appreciated! During our stay we had the pleasure of the company of a male and female king parrot and numerous birdlife. Also late night visits from Mum black possum (and black baby-too cute) and a grey possum friend, oh and plenty of dragonflies of course. WE recommend the twin falls 4km circuit starting from The Canyon lookout- glorious! Also the 4km circuit (across the road0 to Purlingbrook Falls is lovely. Both are suitable for children- perhaps not too young but 7/8 years like our boys was fine. The glow worm farm tour was fun too! A lovely cottage, lovingly decorated & enjoyed by us all! PS on our last morning we saw more king parrots, a crimson rosella, satin bower birds & currawongs. One of the male king parrots even sat on my head while eating breakfast on the deck! He’s so sweet. Thankyou!!
    – Jenny, Alan, James & Daniel, Mt Crosby, Brisbane.

  15. Life is so busy, we haven’t had our own holiday here for a few months! It was Harry’s 13th birthday on Friday so came with his friend Ewan and cousin Anna. All had a great time, the kids found an eel in the creek! (dead unfortunately with a toad in its mouth!) the things you see here! Always something new. So lovely to read the comments in the guest book & see the childrens art work. Really touched by some of the lovely comments and amazed and pleased at how well everyone has cared for the cottage and looked after all the books, games, dvds etc. Thank you all so much! We are so happy that our little touches are appreciated. It was a beautiful clear starry night on Saturday, you could see so many stars from the deck, it would have been a great night for a tour at the obsevatory! I left some of my hand made jewellery (inspired by springbrook) there at Helen’s craft shop- check it out if you have time “Dragonfly cottage designs”! Springbrook is a great place so enjoy your stay!
    Wendy & Peter- Owners, Dragonfly cottage.

  16. Guestbook August 2012 –

    ” Thankyou very much for such a lovely cottage. I don’t think I’ve been in a place so quiet for many years. It was fantastic to hear the birds and only the birds in the morning. we all enjoyed the walks and the quiet, oh the quiet. Thankyou for sharing. ” Sandra W.

    “We are a group of 4 friends who try to have weekends away at least every 6 months and I would say this is the best so far! I don’t want to leave! ” Bronwyn

    “Ditto ! ” Trish and Victoria.

  17. Had a wonderfully fabulous stay at Dragonfly Cottage staying Friday and Saturday night. Did all of the tourist hot spots on Saturday and a few on the way home on Sunday afternoon. Purlington Falls just a short walk away.
    The highlight for us was the wildlife that visited us on the deck. Beautiful birds that fed from our hands – sulphur crested cockatoo’s, King Parrot’s, crimson Rosella’s, Brush turkey’s, wings pidgeon’s, kookaburras and so may more!
    The highlight on Saturday evening was the Mother short eared mountain possum with a baby in her pouch. All snuggled up after a barbecue dinner and the gas heater – just awesome!

    Would highly recommend Daragonfly Cottage especially if you are a nature and wildlife lover – a comfortable and special experience ?

    Hope to return soon!

  18. Fantastic cottage for nature lovers , make sure you invest in some bird and possum food before you head up the mountain! I could quite happily have spent the whole time in the cottage watching the wildlife come and go, but the surrounding area is too good to miss. Cottage is well equipped and comfortable with lots of thoughtful touches to make you feel at home, and the location is stunning! I thoroughly recommend booking a stay at Dragonfly Cottage – you won’t regret it!

  19. What a beautiful cottage! Well equipped with everything you need, near to hiking trails and waterfalls for the day, including card and board games, star gazing books for the night!
    We spent the days hiking and the nights star gazing. We had 2 wonderful nights of super clear skies filled with stars! There were also many colourful birds and interesting wildlife aronf the cottage. My 3 teenage kids loved this stay and did not miss the WiFi at all!
    Thank you for the amazing stay!

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